Ex-mixed martial artist Leigh Hancock has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for a 10-hour assault on former girlfriend Fallon Bramall.

Hancock is said to have put Bramall through 10 hours of absolute hell as the former fighter repeatedly used her as a punching bag causing multiple injuries including a broken orbital socket, a broken nose, multiple bite marks over her face and body, and a broken jaw. The attack left the 39-year-old victim unrecognizable.

Sentenced on April 28 in a Derby Crown Court, Hancock was given two years for making death threats with the remaining 16 months coming as punishment for the assault. Hancock is said to have received an additional month for property damage.

Speaking with The Daily Mail, Bramall revealed disturbing details of the horrific experience, nothing that Hancock has used his skills and an ex-MMA fighter in the prolonged attack.

“I thought he was going to kill me,” Bramall said. “He’s an ex-MMA fighter and he practiced his moves on me. All I kept thinking was how I’d never see my kids again. I was in so much pain and was covered in blood. He just flipped and left me for dead. I’m lucky to be alive.”

As for Hancock’s sentence, Bramall suggested that it was nowhere near enough considering the heinous nature of the crime and the pain and suffering she endured throughout the ordeal.

Leigh Hancock’s 40-Month Sentence Was Nowhere Near Enough

“I can’t believe that’s all he got. He deserves so much more,” Bramall said following the sentencing. “Our justice system is a complete joke. He should have been taught a lesson.”

Hancock and Bramall had only been together for two months at the time of the attack, but they first met 15 years ago. Bramall revealed that following the attack, Hancock had left with a friend, essentially leaving her for dead before a friend arrived to help her get to safety.

“He rang his pal to come and get him and threatened to kill my children if I told anyone. (Afterwards) I called my friend who came round to help me. I begged her not to call the police because I was so terrified of him but she did. I’m so grateful for that now”

Bramall said that in the early going, Hancock was an “absolute gentleman” and she never once thought he could be capable of the violence that he perpetrated on her.

“He was always very insecure about himself but I’d never in a million years known he was capable of such violence,” Bramall said.

Bramall had to undergo treatment in hospital for her injuries including having her nose straightened.

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