UFC welterweight champion, Leon Edwards really is not a fan of the next challenger for his title, Colby Covington.

Immediately following his victorious trilogy match against Kamaru Usman, Edwards was immediately cast in an attempted promo for his next fight. During ‘Rocky’s post-fight speech, the broadcast would cut to Covington, who was sitting cage side, to build some publicity for the bout.

While not the most obvious choice, UFC president Dana White would confirm during the post-fight press conference that it would in fact be Covington who would get the next title shot. Since then, ‘Chaos’ has done the rounds through the media and has taken every opportunity to poke fun at Edwards and attempt to build some hype for the matchup.

Leon Edwards reacts to Colby Covington

Speaking with Sky Sports, Edwards touched on his next matchup and had some interesting things to say. Labelling Covington ‘jealous’ due to his success, Edwards said that the American is painting a false picture of the current situation.

“They were saying if Kamaru wasn’t champion, it would be Colby. That was the narrative he was trying to push but then when I went out there and did what I did, now I think the jealousy is coming in”, Edwards began.

“He’s trying to fool everyone, like everything goes off what he says but it doesn’t. We’re still figuring out the next step and I’ll let him know when I’m ready. I’ve worked hard to be in this position to be able to call the shots and who I fight and when I fight. Now I’m here I should be able to dictate within reason who goes next and who makes the most sense.”

Edwards continued, saying that the personal edge between that pair motivates him even more, even calling  him a ‘weirdo’.

“He’s definitely at the top of the list as far as who’s next. I just want to fight him because I don’t like him so that will be even more fuel for me in training.

“I think he’s a weirdo. He’s an alright fighter. But look at his resume compared to my resume.

Leon Edwards talking with Sky Sports

Who wins, Leon Edwards or Colby Covington?

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