Antonio Carlos Junior is a contestant on Big Brother Brazil. | Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Footage from the reality TV series appears to show ‘Shoeface’ Antonio Carlos Junior trying to solicit affection from a guest of the show.

UFC veteran and Professional Fighters League’s 2021 heavyweight champion, Antonio Carlos Junior, had seemingly been having a pretty easy time of things during his ongoing stay in the Big Brother Brazil house. At least that was the case up until last night. Still a contestant for the 1.5 million reais prize money (Approximately $190,000), ‘Shoeface’ was caught on camera seemingly trying to solicit unwanted affection from a woman in one of the bedrooms on the set of the reality TV show.

The woman on the other end of Junior’s not at all smooth moves wasn’t a contestant of the show, but rather a guest from the American Spanish-language reality TV show “La Casa de Los Famosos”—a spinoff of Celebrity Big Brother. Dania Mendez was invited to spend one week at the Big Brother Brazil house, but ended up caught in an uncomfortable situation during her brief stay.

Footage from the series shows Carlos and Mendez laying on a bed where the longtime professional fighter and BJJ black belt tries to get Mendez to give him a kiss. Mendez can be heard telling Carlos to stop. After which he appears to back off while she calls him “loco.”

At the end of the video, Dania also calls the Brazilian ‘borracho’, Spanish for drunk. Apparently the interaction happened during one of the show’s well-known Wednesday night parties.

Shortly after the incident, the team responsible for managing Junior’s official social media accounts while he is in the house posted a statement apologizing for the fighter’s behavior.

“About last night. We know some actions can’t be done even as a joke. Because of that, we sincerely apologize to Dania and her family for what happened. When he leaves the house and sees the footage, Shoeface will need to understand what happened, reassess some behaviors and learn that some lines can’t be crossed.”

On social media, several Big Brother Brazil fans are urging Junior to be expelled from the show for his actions. So far, it’s unclear whether or not the fighter will be punished. In the past, cast members have been kicked out of the house over incidents of physical violence and aggression.

Antonio Carlos Junior hasn’t competed since 2022, when he defeated Emiliano Sordi, Marthin Hamlet, Delan Monte, and Bruce Souto to win the PFL’s claim PFL’s heavyweight title and a million dollar prize. Junior hasn’t lost since leaving the UFC, where he dropped a unanimous decision to Brad Tavares, in January of 2021.

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